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Mercury Retrograde: A Good Time for Reflection

Reliving a two week National Park road trip.

As the last week of Mercury Retrograde comes to an end, my son and I took advantage of the opportunity for reflection. We allowed time to slow down and we went into creative contemplation. Our road trip scrapbooks were dug up and they were allowed to see the light of day. This was a good reminder of the undeniable power of a single photograph. Within its potential, lies the ability to transport a person to a precise moment and emotion in time. For better or worse, we were taken on an inescapable journey of remembrance in a matter of seconds. It didn’t take much to travel from the seats in our living room to a different space, time and cast of characters we’d thought we’d long since forgotten. The question I asked myself was..are the stories and memories I’m reflecting upon bringing a smile to my face or a tear to my cheek? Whatever conclusions I came to..I had to wonder “do they propel me to create a better today and tomorrow?” And after a short pause, with both a smile and a tear welling up in the corner of my eye, I sensed “yes”.


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