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Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology that is intended for everyday householders. Through the use of this time tested practice, modern day practitioners can harness their innate energies to bring balance to the mind, body, and soul. It’s through the systematic combination of breath work, mudras, mantras, body locks, eye gazes and postures that one can shift the quality of his/her life with conscious intent. This universal and non-denominational technology is highly beneficial for addressing concerns of everyday living such as stress, fatigue, and apathy.


Come join a supportive community to gain powerful tools for self-care.


Through simple and brief exercises (that can be done in the comfort of your own home), you can elevate your day. 



Group Class - Enjoy the magnified energy/benefits from a collective experience

Individual Program - Received one on one support & a customized plan address your needs/requests.

A yoga mat is helpful, but not required.


Beginner & Advanced Levels Welcome.

If you have physical limitations, exercises can be practiced in a chair.

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