For the past few months, Camille has been doing distance Jikiden Reiki healing sessions on me and it has been a complete blessing. After every session, I'm continually amazed over how refreshed I physically feel and how clear my mind becomes. I've also noticed the more I work with her, the healthier I feel, as well as grounded and in tune with my surroundings. Anyone who seeks to feel better will benefit from a session with Camille.

Rose M.

San Francisco, CA

My life activation session with Camille was wonderful. She is a very warm, kind and generous person. I felt very comfortable during the entire session. Camille explained everything ahead of time so that I wasn't nervous about timing or what was next. I felt relaxed but not drained. A lovely experience. Thanks Camille!

Meg G.

Davis, CA

The healing and the activation put me on an accelerated course of knowing myself, my purpose, and the depth of my connection with Spirit. Things that would've taken me a decade to process previously were transformed in a matter of months. And I have never felt closer to the divine, or more supported by my guides and the light than I do now. So while it's been intense, I am 100 times stronger, more capable of fulfilling my potential, and living deeper in faith.

Athena Desai

Boston, MA