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This program provides a fun and a supportive atmosphere to develop life skills and early habits for self care. I'm excited for the opportunity to enjoy the company of your lovely children and offer them tools to shift their day and boost their self-confidence.

This well-being program has fantastic benefits:

  1. Builds Concentration.

  2. Increases Confidence and Positive Self Image.

  3. Manages BIG emotions.

  4. An Inclusive Physical activity for all.

  5. Assists Sport players, helping avoiding injury.

  6. Relieves Anxiety, lowering hormone levels.

  7. Improves Flexibility.

  8. Helps improve Problem solving skills.

  9. Calms the Central Nervous System and therefore the body.

  10. Helps build body awareness.


Through simple and brief exercises (that can be done at home), one can elevate his/her day. 



Group Class - Enjoy the magnified benefits from a collective experience

Individual Program - Received one on one support & a customized plan to address personal needs.

A yoga mat is helpful, but not required.

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