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Empowered to Create a New Way of Being: Making Self-Care a Priority

It's been two months since my trip to Canada and I’m still glowing from the experience. The purpose behind my trip was to receive training to become a life activation practitioner This was a long time ambition of mine for the last seven years. I came away in awe of how the experience has created so many shifts in my life beyond what I could have foreseen. In the weeks and months following my return from the Modern Mystery School Headquarters, I have slowly witnessed old patterns dying and new habits falling into place. Much like a rosebud slowly unfolding into a beautiful blossom, I could sense myself becoming someone new. But was I really someone new or just more of who I am underneath the many layers of my facade.

One of these shifts was awakening to the importance of self care. I’ve been my biggest opposition over the years. I told myself that I needed to be faster, stronger and better. I was unyielding when it came to holding onto harmful beliefs that told me that there was something wrong with me or that there was some flaw in my character. In hindsight, I ask myself, “Where was my self-love?” Now, I can see those beliefs as unkind and inaccurate.

Sometimes, we need support to get over the hump. That’s what I believe happened to me. That support came in the form of an amazing community, several life activation reboots and a second step initiation. But before any of that could happen I needed to support myself. I needed to say “yes” to going to Toronto and I needed to be willing to climb all the hurdles to get there. In essence, I needed to believe that I was worthy of happiness.

Self-care has become a prominent figure in my life and I have no plans to allow that to fade away. What does self-care look like for me? It means: committing to a 40 day Kriya, setting my alarm to drink water every hour, experimenting with vegan recipes, practicing my rituals, prayers & meditation on a daily basis, and surrounding myself with a supportive community. The benefits of my newfound discipline have started flowing in almost immediately. I started sleeping great. I feel more present and connected to my body. I feel I’m constantly maintaining my fortitude to successfully handle the stress of modern day living. And my chronic ailments are on the mend. It’s been such a gift to feed my mind, body and soul. I've come to understand why people say "You can only give what you have received."

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