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Revive Within is the fusion of my life's journey and my creative passion to work in service and offer powerful healing to those with the eyes to see and ears to hear. My formal education is an indicator of my belief in the transformative ability of art. I am a true believer in the old adage that art reflects life and life reflects art. I have chosen to harness the power of art and alchemy to transform lives and reality as we see it. Our lives are the creation of our own making. With the use of time honored tools and modalities such as bodywork, energy healing, and essential oils, I support my clients in their own journeys of self healing. I look forward to witnessing your path to self discovery and empowerment.


Education, Training & Initiation

  •  Modern Mystery School - Life Activation Practitioner

  • Jikiden Reiki Institute - Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

  • Ensofic Ray Institute - Ensofic Ray Practitioner

  • Kundalini Research Institute -Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • Mini Me Yoga - Mini Me Yoga Teacher

  • Massage Therapy Institute - Massage Practitioner

  • Trained in Raindrop Technique

  • University of California, Santa Cruz - Bachelor of Arts in Film/Video


Camille Silva/Priya Daljot Kaur is a Jikiden Reiki & Ensofic Ray Practitioner, Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mini Me Yoga Teacher, Massage Practitioner, Life Activation Practitioner and Purium & Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner


The Choice to Live Authentically

I've spent a good portion of my life trying to fill in the gap from my youth. I believed this approach would lead me to finding sustainable happiness. It was through exploration and self discovery that I came to recognize that chasing other people's dreams was not the answer to my own fulfillment. After much trial and error, I followed the bread crumbs to my own path. I found the tools I needed to live an empowered life and the passion to be of service to others.

East Meets West

Almost ten years ago, I began my journey as an initiate in the lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School. It is through the unbroken lineage, direct handing down through an oral tradition, that the keys have remained intact for over 3,000 years. By way of this time tested tradition, I have and continue to acquire sacred tools and teachings that have provided me the support to find my voice, live my joy and stand confident in my ability to make a difference to others. Serving Spirit and living a higher purpose has become my guiding light during turbulent times on a personal and global level. I have tremendous gratitude to the lineage holders: Founder Ipsissimus Gudni GED Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon & Ipsissimus Hideto REI Nakagome and the Council of Twelve for maintaining the integrity of this lineage and sharing these teachings.

A beautiful compliment to my western path is the eastern lineage of Kundalini Yoga. After several years of intermittent practice, I committed myself to a dedicated program. This was enough to ignite my spark. Within six months, I was ready to take the deep dive into Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. This monumental experience gave me an profound understanding of this ancient practice. I have heart felt gratitude for the Golden Chain that connects me to my direct teachers Sat Santokh Singh Khalsa, Prabhu Nam Kaur, Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Khalsa. It is this sacred chain that bridges every Kundalini Teacher to it's originator, Guru Ram Das (the fourth Sikh Guru) and Yogi Bhajan who brought these teachings to the West. Kundalini Yoga is an empowering technology that provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support at my finger tips on a daily basis.

Who are you?

  • Seeking ways to reduce stress & improve well-being.

  • Searching for support and healing.

  • Driven to created the life that you want to live.

  • Interested in gaining awareness about your divine gifts.

  • Pursuing understanding about your higher purpose.

  • Motivated to acquiring tools for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual empowerment.



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Davis, CA

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